“Being Social” and Car dealers….are you kidding?

22nd March 2012
Social Media for Retail Motor Trade

At the moment it is hard to have conversations with Dealers like yourself that don’t involve questions like “What is this Social Media thing?” and “How do I sell cars with Social Media?” and “Oh come on, who’s going to buy a car using something called Twitter?”.

You may have already established that everyone you talk to has a different opinion and that their opinion(s) may or may not be based around a secret agenda. Perhaps it is way to easy to be a expert in Social Media these days?

If you prefer to rely on facts and figures before forming an opinion then THIS video will help you get a grasp on the Social Media Marketplace, it’s size and its penetration into almost everyone’s life.

If you accept the proposition in the video or you didn’t need the video to be convinced then perhaps the next step is an gaining an understanding of what part of Social Media gets used for what.

Here is a graphic that does this although the subtle and a little dated dig at Google+ is now unfounded with a 200M users.

So the the next question a really big one………………..Why would the millions of people in this “marketplace” want to be social with a car dealer?

When you answer this then your Social Strategy starts to take shape.

Comments and discussion welcome………

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